How to use

NETS Prepaid Cards

Using your card for public transport travel

1. Minimum card balance

For travels on buses, LRT and MRT, kindly ensure that you have at least $3 in card balance to avoid waiting 15 minutes for your card to be unblocked after top up. $3.50 will be reserved from your card balance if you have less than $15 in balance so as to ensure sufficient funds for public transport.

Notice: The previous $3 reserved amount has been changed to $3.50 since January 2023.

2. Card unblocking

Cards with less than $3 will be blocked from further use for public transport.

If you are unable to enter, top up your card immediately, then tap your card on the MRT fare gate/card reader on buses to initiate unblocking. Wait 15 minutes for card to be unblocked before the card can be used.

If you are unable to exit, approach the Passenger Service Centre at MRT stations for assistance.

3. View fare and card balance

Link the NETS Prepaid Card to NETS App to view your card balance, transaction history and receive notification alerts when the balance is low. Viewing of fare and card balance on the MRT fare gate/ card reader on buses is not available for NETS Prepaid Card.

4. Charges of public transport fares

Train and bus fares are not deducted immediately from the card balance. Instead, the daily total ride transactions will be reflected as a lump-sum amount a few days later on NETS App.

Available for purchase


NETS Prepaid Card vs FlashPay Card

What’s the difference?

Click here for a detailed comparison of NETS Prepaid Card and NETS FlashPay Card.

Where to top up?


Sign up for a NETS account and link the NETS Prepaid Card to the app. Opt in for Auto Top-up for the ultimate convenience.

If you are gifting this card or visiting as a tourist, do not link card to your own device. Once a card is linked to NETS App, it is not transferable to another user.

7-Eleven convenience stores

Top up with cash at over 400 stores island-wide. A top-up convenience fee of $0.50 is charged for every top-up transaction.

You can also make a one-off top up on the NETS website. Top-ups are not available at NETS top-up machines and local ATMs.